Ten Unmissable Festivals in Cortona

There are so many great reasons to come and enjoy a holiday in the Etruscan village of Cortona, located in Tuscany just over an hour south of Florence and 2 hours north of Rome
One of the things that I enjoy most about our time living here in Italy is all the wonderful festivals they offer.  Cortona is renowned for the number of festivals it offers in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.
The most significant of these events is the famous “SAGRA DELLA BISTECCA” (Steak Festival) with the largest wire rack turned on in Italy.
It is held every year in the public gardens of Cortona. On a wire rack giant 14 meters (the largest in Italy) are cooked T-bone steaks, strictly Chianina meat, and I can assure you the meat is to die for especially as it is cooked over the open flame and naturally enjoyed with a good glass of Chianti Sangiovese or Cortona Shiraz.

Other food festivals on offer are the PORCINI MUSHROOM festival also held in August where you can enjoy the fresh porcini mushrooms in so many ways, The hard decision is what to eat!! Wow should I have Bruschetta with sautéed porcini, tagliatelle with fungi porcini, bistecca with sautéed porcini, porcini fritte, or a Carpaccio salad with porcini!! All ways are yummy!!

The CHOCOLATE festival at the end of September is not to be missed also!
Not to be missed at the end of May and early June is the well known historical festival ARCHIDADO JOUST people are lead back to the ancient medieval splendor of the city. The streets are decorated in medieval style, ladies, knights, flag flyers, crossbow shooters, soldiers, pages, civil and religious authorities, all dressed with fine costumes, liven up the city center, which is rich in history and artistic beauties of every time. The atmosphere in Cortona is magical and electric!! Click to read more www.giostraarchidado.com

The ANTIQUE festival is well known as the “MOSTRA ANTIQUARIA” and runs on weekends in August and September, both main piazzas in Cortona are filled with stalls selling interesting Antiques.
CORTONA ON THE MOVE is a display of professional photography work from international photographers and is presented in 4 different locations around Cortona and runs from the middle of July to the end of September,
The CORTONA MIX FESTIVAL is 10 days of a great line up of music and theatre performances offering, modern to classical with the Toscana orchestra performing, Many of the events are held in the main Piazza Signorelli and also in the wonderful Theatre in Cortona. This runs during the last week of July and into August.
The EUROPEAN FESTIVAL OF MUSIC AND FOLK DANCING is held on the 13th August and brings Piazza Signorelli to life with old fashioned dancing costumes and music!


To find out more about these unmissable festivals visit the official Cortona Festival website.